Our Story



Founded by Andrea and his Argentinian friend in 2013 who wanted a reminder of his Argentinian roots while in his new home in Melbourne.

With a shared passion for cooking and good food, together they developed an authentic Argentinian empanada to share with their Australian friends. Lots of hard work (and many tastings!) later and El Alamo was born!

A fresh and wholesome taste sensation for when you’re on the go, at the game or in the office, our little bundles of love are made from the highest quality, locally-sourced ingredients: hand-carved beef, fresh herbs and vegetables wrapped and baked in freshly rolled pastry.

Andres Luna, Colombian chef passionate about South American street food, is continuing to provide Australian’s appetite for these little pockets of deliciousness and has big new plans to launch in 2017!
Come and visit us at Prahran Market and find out the ultimate food for celebrations and sharing together!

Come get them while they’re hot!



Our Empanadas



Our Empanadas are handmade using the best handpicked, fresh ingredients to create these mouth watering pockets of love

After a great takeaway food to share with your friends and family or need an easy, gourmet, low fuss solution for you catering needs?
You’re in the right place!

We have a wide range of flavours to appeal to all tastes, including the sweet tooth! You can also choose between pre-baked or frozen empanadas!

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Share empanadas with your friends and family.



Wholesale & Functions




Do your run a restaurant, bar, catering or food truck?

Great gourmet food option for fast-paced catering and for food business with small or no kitchen space.

1. Perfect single-serve finger food for a starter or main at both stand up and sit down events.

2. Brilliant and easy food solution for small and big functions Excellent takeaway option.

3. Delivered frozen, easy to store. No mess, no fuss!

Empanadas are the perfect single-serve finger food for a starter or main at both stand up and sit down events.

We offer two sizes: 14cm original size and 10cm canapé size.

To Place an Order please email us at andres@elalamo.com.au